What is the psychological meaning of the necktie?


The necktie has endured as an accessory for both men and women because it has psychological implications for both the wearer and the observer. Its absence signals meaning in the alternative, yet the way it is worn in combination with dress is a defining moment.  It is a symbolic remnant of primitive man running through the jungle. On its own, it has phallic connotations. Women like to be embraced with the necktie, though they have also likened it to a hangman’s noose. Stress or freedom is determined by color, shape, and whether the knot is loose or pulled tight. The wearer reveals his or her inner feelings at that moment. So be it. Whether you admit to these thoughts or not is something to consider the next time you wear a necktie or observe a necktie being worn.


                                                                      Plaster Model                                                             Dorothee

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