Representational Necktie Sculpture is different from Figurative and Singular Necktie Sculpture because the sculptor models a realistic-looking necktie in clay, or wax, or plaster, or wood, or another medium. The sculptor’s task is to model the actual knot and body of a real necktie so that the end result, the sculpture itself, looks like a real necktie with one of three popular knots: The Windsor; The Half-Windsor; or The Four-In-Hand. The foundry then processes the modeled sculpture through the Lost Wax Method of casting bronze. The result is a solid art bronze sculpture with an acid-based patina set on a marble base. Very beautiful, original, and truly long-lasting. There are Repps, Solids, Geometrics, and as varied as one can imagine.


              Repp                                Buff                                  Buff                                Textured                                              Freedom


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